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J. R. Tolson Furnishings was established in 2014. Since then we have been designing and building bespoke furniture pieces from bedside tables to desks to dining tables for customers all over the country. We now specialise in three areas. Predesigned and yet fully customisable Dining Table Sets, Bespoke Furniture to your preferred dimensions and style and Commercial Furniture from Conference Tables to Restaurant Tables and Bar Tops.

Everything we do is hand made to order.

J. R. Tolson Furnishings does all of it’s own wood work in house. That means we take rough sawn timber locally or nationally sourced. We plane and flatten it, join the boards and make and join all the other elements of your hand crafter furniture by hand. We do use the assistance of some power tools but all joints are hand cut and finished by our hard working hands. In the case where we supply metal legs, handles or any other component, we always seek to use a local fabricator or blacksmith to create these elements for us.

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Jonathan Tolson

The J, R,

Owner of the company with a real passion for wood and design. Jonathan used to work in design for television and film but missed working with his hands. Since starting his own business he has been able to enjoy both the design process and hand crafting the pieces.

“I’d say my two favourite things about the business are getting to work with the clients to come up with a great design and hand cutting joints.”